This summit discusses the application of peaceful solutions to conflicts between people involving animals.  It explores the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes to help resolve those conflicts in less time, for less cost, while retaining a relationship among the parties in conflict.

WHO: 12 Luminaries in the Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Disability and Access, Humane Society Members, Human Animal Bond, Veterinarians, Business Consultants and Pet/People Trainers.

WHEN: February 18, 2014 through March 27, 2014
TIME: Airing each Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM

WHAT WILL YOU NEED: Only a telephone line! Participate from anywhere in the world.

WHY: You want to listen if you are:

  • Fed up with the huge expense of litigation.
  • You just want to speak to your adversary.
  • You want to resolve the issues in less time.  
  • You know there has got to be a better way.

If you are ready for a change then we welcome you to the Second Annual Ultimate Pet Resolution Summit.  This Summit focuses only on animal issues, discussing the use of alternative dispute resolution to peacefully resolve disagreements between people involving animals.

During this Second Summit we will discuss topics as simple as the neighbor’s barking dog, conversations with your vet or who gets the cat in divorce --to more complicated questions involving wild or performance animals and puppy mills.s

Join my guests and I as we explore the possibilities of living more peacefully, with or without animals as part of our lives, by addressing disagreements that may arise in a more party and animal centered way.

I have asked luminaries in their fields of animal consciousness to explore with me how, together, we might change the current paradigm of conflict resolution and move it toward a more peaceful alternative resolution based model. They are attorneys in Estate, Animal and Disability Law, Mediators, Humane Society Members, Veterinarians and Vet Business consultants, Human/ Animal Bond Behaviorists and Pet/People Trainers.

Your Host

Debra Hamilton is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, author, understanding trained high conflict mediator, conflict system design consultant, animal venue executive consultant, educator and founding principal at Hamilton Law and Mediation.

Your host, Debra Hamilton

My intent in holding The Second Ultimate Pet Resolution Summit is to continue to increase peoples’ awareness of the availability of alternative conflict resolution to help them solve their suffering in silence or extricate themselves from destructive litigation involving animals. Most animal conscious practitioners have not fully explored the use of alternative conflict resolution as a means of early intervention to resolve a conflict between people involving their pets or animals.

This past year I have traveled all over the country speaking at Animal Law Committee meetings, Veterinary Medical Schools, Veterinary Conferences, Pet Service Conventions and Pet Owner Associations.  I discussed the benefits of using alternative conflict resolution methods to address disagreements arising between people about their animals. 

This Second Ultimate Pet Resolution Summit continues to encourage people, currently embroiled in a conflict involving an animal, to address that conflict using alternative dispute resolution processes first.  You can always litigate.  ADR provides an early opportunity to avoid litigation if you willingly engage in a supported discussion.  There is a better way.  We will continue that discussion over the next 6 weeks each Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 1:30.
Each 30-minute segment of the Ultimate Pet Resolution Summit will welcome a colleague, who I am eternally grateful to for giving of their time and expertise to speak to me about how they see alternative dispute resolution impacting their small corner of animal related practice.

My guests and I look forward to leaving you, the listening audience, with three tips you can use to address conflicts involving animals, working from a positive common ground not always opposition, inspire consensus and listen to be understood.  We will show how compassion, dignity and mutual respect for both the animals and their people will engender an atmosphere of cooperation and enable difficult discussions to be explored.

Judith Adams photoJudith Adams - February 18, 2014

Judith is highly respected in the dual fields of Clinical Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare. She has been published in Veterinary Journals in the UK & USA.  Judith lectures extensively on Animal Behavior and Human Animal Relations.  She is also an accomplished pet trainer and human animal bond behaviorist in the UK. 

You can read more about what Judith does at her website or like Wellbehave on Facebook.  Judith will share with us some of her experience with clients and their pets and discuss how ADR may help her clients in conflict.

Gary Norman photoGary Norman - February 20, 2014

Gary is a policy/disability attorney and mediator licensed to practice in Ohio and Maryland.  He works tirelessly on behalf of the disabled and seeks to leverage the tools and benefits of ADR to resolve conflicts between able and disabled people to help them gain a better understanding of each other. 

His focus in the UPRS is to help everyone understand the proper use of service animals, emotional support animals and guide dogs.  He will touch on his work in mediation, the use of soft mediation, when confronted with the combative sides of a disability disagreement.  He helps the parties recognize and appreciate another’s position leading to the stemming of continued conflict. 

He recently wrote Dispute Thy Neighbor – Hire A Mediator in the Virginia Maryland Dog Magazine.  You can reach Gary at

Diederik Gelderman photoDiederik Gelderman - February 25, 2014

Diederik is a respected veterinarian/business guru and speaker who hails from Australia.  He has taken his ability to build a successful solo practice back to the profession.  You can find out all about him at  He uses his own experiences to enable others to employ his success-oriented methods to build their own successful careers. 

Diederik and I will talk about how conflict and standing ones ground, staying in position, may be the first step in the demise of their success.  Diederik shares some of his proven methods on handling conflict for the listener to use the same strategies.  Experiences in ADR to work out conflicts and keep the client.

Jim Gesauldi photoJames F. Gesualdi - February 27, 2014

Jim is an internationally recognized expert on the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).  He currently awaits the release of his new book Excellence Beyond Compliance.  Jim seeks to make a difference with this book by implementing, administering and enforcing the AWA to enhance animal welfare and promote institutional excellence.  

We will discuss how ADR might help interpret the AWA in a way that will benefit the animals and have parties not only comply with the law but choose to go beyond compliance.  He is a staunch supporter of the Monk Seal Foundation.

Laurel Rabschultz photoLaurel Rabschutz - March 4, 2014

Laurel is an instructor and administrator at the prestigious University of Connecticut at Storrs.  She teaches several Human Animal Bond courses to students raising their awareness of the beneficial and dynamic relationship that occurs between people and non-human animals. 

She also has trained therapy dogs and participates in canine musical freestyle dancing.  Truly showing how the human animal bond.

John Fiske photoJohn Fiske - March 6, 2014

John is a master divorce mediator.  He is a partner at the Massachusetts law firm of Healy, Fiske, Richmond & Matthew, LLP. 

We discuss pets in divorce and considerations that need to be explored by the divorcing couple as well as the divorce professional when dealing with pets in divorce. You can find John at

Mark Bamberger photoMark Bamberger - March 11, 2014

Mark is a brilliant attorney as well as a conservationist.  He is a member of the Ohio State Bar Animal Law Committee and is very involved with the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyer Project.  Mark and I talk about the world of animal law and his experiences with divorcing couples and their animals.  He helps navigate these turbulent waters in the best for all concerned standard. 

We also touch on his wolf conservation efforts and how that has impacted his practice and his life.  And he rides a very cool motorcycle!  You can reach Mark at  He would love for our listeners to all support  Go check it out now!

Kyle Silver photoKyle Silvers - March 13, 2014

Kyle is a partner at Shindler, Neff, Holmes, Schlageter & Mohler LLP.  She is also a brilliant Humane Society leader . She and I talk about how to apply ADR in rescue evaluation situations and humane society practices.  We look at the conversations people in rescue have and how to craft that discussion in a way that will encourage all people to remain your staunchest ally instead of your loudest detractor. 

We talk about how changes in the language we use, using ADR principles, can make all the difference in keeping people engaged and supportive of rescue groups,  shelters and humane societies.  We also touch on pet protection orders and how they will impact domestic violence victims.

Gary Pilcher photoGary Pilcher - March 18, 2014

Gary is the insurance guru at Farmers Trust Company in Cleveland Ohio.  We met while he was presenting a CLE on Pet Trusts.  Gary and I speak about how even sworn enemies can gain and appreciate another’s view when given the chance to listen and be heard. 

ADR is discussed with a view toward improving the platform where alternate views can be explained and appreciated   Gary and I share the reasons why a deeper understanding of ADR can mean an alternate solution not yet thought of by the positional parties can be considered.  You can reach Gary for advice and information at or 877-228-1643.

Sonny Presnell photoDr. Henry ‘Sonny’ Presnal - March 20, 2014

Dr. Presnal is the director of the Stevenson Center at Texas A& M, an end of life sanctuary for pets who outlive their owners.  Read all about it at Sonny and I speak about the human and animal bond and what to do at end of life to assure continuity of care for our pets.  It is not an easy topic to address but is one where alternative dispute resolution tools can be used very effectively. 

These discussions can be peacefully conducted enabling the parties to keep their pets as long as possible with the peace of mind that comes with loving and having a pet maintain a position in your life and that they will always be safe.  You can reach Dr. Presnal at or just google Sonny Presnal or the Stevenson Center.

Ana Melara photoAna Melara - March 25, 2014

Ana Melara is the owner and guiding force at Training with Grace.  ( in Lakewood Colorado.  She is a CPDT-KA and believes in praised based training of your pets. Ana and I speak about the different personalities of people, their pets and their approach to dog training.  Conflicts may arise and affect training or relationships. 

Ana and I explore how, by using ADR, she has addressed conflicts between people in training classes together or between trainer and student.  Catching such conflicts, in their early stages, can see people retain relationships and explore solutions, rather than maintain rigid positions.  When she employs ADR she sees the outcome of a conflict be remarkably different.  Passions run high when talking about, practicing with, or questioning a pet owner about their pet. 

Using ADR as a neutral platform from which to have this discussion allows everyone to speak and makes great sense in solution.  You can reach Ana at if you have any additional questions.

Marty Greer photoMarty Greer - March 27, 2014

Dr. Marty Greer is a Veterinarian and a Lawyer.  She is a reproduction specialist and animal advocate.  Her practice,Veterinary Village, in Lomira, WI is a welcoming and state of the art reproductive facility.

Dr. Marty and I speak on the sensitive topic of addressing puppy mills peacefully.  It is with gratitude that we all feel a sense of purpose to keep pets safe and sound.  Our experience and exposure is not always available to people who use pets as a cash crop.  Recognizing the difference in attitudes and definitions can go a long way toward respecting the people you find aberrant.  Shifting their paradigm respectfully can lead to a shift  that occur long term.

Marty shows how respectfully working with puppy mills provides the people and pets with a better life.  You can reach Marty at  or email her at


You’ve always wanted to explore how to help people in conflict about an animal without always resorting to litigation.

You knew there had to be a way to have that much needed conversation.

Now is your opportunity to learn about the amazing tools available to you once you begin applying alternative dispute resolution techniques to animal conflicts.

As an ADR professional you will find new ways to apply your expertise to animal conflicts, thereby expanding your practice.

As an Animal Law Professional, you will be able to reality check your client’s desired outcome, saving them from pursuing revenge that will not serve theirs or the animals purpose.

As a Pet Professional, keeping your business reputation intact and saving yourself from needless litigation, when a discussion may resolve the disagreement.

As a Party in Conflict recognizing you have a viable alternative to high cost, time consuming relationship ending litigation.

The Second Annual UPR Summit starts February 18th 2014, and will air each Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM EST.

DATES: February 18, 20, 25, 27, March 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 and 27.
TIME: Airing each Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM

Each Summit recording will be available for replay until either Wednesday and Friday afternoon at 6 PM EST.

Please make the time to join us on this groundbreaking discussion of resolving conflicts involving animals in a different way.

Living peacefully with our pets and animals in general raises everyone’s quality of life…. especially the animals. | Debra Hamilton |